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Up Your Social Media Game

It’s no trade secret, the cat is most definitely out of the bag. To be a successful business nowadays, you need to look at social media.

Everyone knows it… that’s the issue. Businesses need to up their game!

Fortunately, here are some tips which will send you flying in the right direction.

Take off the mask

This is something that thousands of social media accounts get wrong, they take a piece of text from a website and copy and paste it in – showing no personality or will to actually want to give the audience value; instead it just looks like a tick-box exercise.

We are all people and people like to do business with OTHER people. (usually with people they like).

So be human, just be you. State your opinion.

Speak to your audience

There’s nothing worse than commenting on a post and having to wait 10 hours to get a reply or worse, no reply at all.

Why brands do this I’ll never know… You’d like to build a relationship and some sort of trust between you and your customers but you won’t speak to them!

Reply to comments and spark conversation in your audience.

What is your goal?

Increased awareness? Increased clicks to your website? More footfall through your doors? More direct inbound inquiries?

You need to identify your goal and from there tailor your strategy. Why would you ask your audience to message your facebook page directly when you know that you want more website visitors?

Invest and adapt

I don’t care what they say, growing on social media organically is DEAD. Even more so when are starting from pretty much scratch.

Boost an ad, monitor it and fine tune it slowly to ensure that your money goes as far as possible.

It is not a gamble, it’s an investment – look after it.

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