The Best Social Media Marketing Tools To Save Time

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The Best Social Media Marketing Tools To Save Time

I get it… You’re busy.

You tell me that you have “no time for that crap” or ‘when am I supposed fit that in?”.

First of all, that’s hurtful.

Second, I’m going to tell you the best tools to use which will help you create consistent content and save you an absolute wedge load of time.

1.) Hootsuite

This tool helps you schedule all your social media posts across all your accounts, across all major platforms.

Schedule all your posts in one go and smash them out on all your accounts as opposed to manually posting on all your profiles throughout the day.

If you’re using other apps to help manage your social media accounts, Hootsuite can work with those tools as well. That way, you can manage everything in one place.

2.) MeetEdgar

This bad boy can recycle old content and re-post it to ensure that your accounts never go dry.

This is good for a short term fix if you truly have NO time at all because if you literally push out the same stuff all the time, your audience is going to get bored of you. They’ll only like the same post so many times…

3.) Buffer 

This is my personal favourite.

Buffer is fairly similar to Hootsuite as it also allows you to schedule your social media posts from a single platform. But what separates Buffer from the crowd is its mobile application!

Even if you’re just scheduling posts for the week, having the option to do this from a mobile app makes things easier and gives you lots of flexibility.

4.) Sprout Social

This platform makes it really easy for you to draft, store, and queue all your social posts. You can see everything organized from the calendar, which serves a visual representation of your schedule.

You can also monitor how well your posts are doing so that you can tweak and adjust your strategy to get the best results as you go.

If you’ve got several team members working together on your social media campaigns, Sprout Social is a great option for you. It’s easy to delegate tasks and choose who gets to approve posts before they go live.

5.) Oktopost

This is specifically designed for B2B businesses and is different to the rest.

Oktopost is great because it helps B2B businesses make sure they’re using the right social platforms effectively to reach their audiences.

You’ll still get the same benefits of posting automation, scheduling, and management you receive with some of the other options I talked about, but you’ll get the analytics geared toward a B2B business.

Now there’s no excuse!

Use these tools, they have free trials so don’t worry about paying a penny unless you’re happy with it.

What’s your favourite tool to help you create amazing content on social media?

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