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Social Media – How To

You clicked this article because you want to get the best from Social Media.

But there’s so many questions to ask!

  • Where do I post?
  • What do I post?
  • How often should I post?
  • When should I post?

These are but to name a mere few! In this article, I’ll attempt to put your mind at ease and clear up some of the stigma around Social Media and give you some tips on how to help you run your campaigns more efficiently.

Choosing A Platform

A great place to start, no point posting on Instagram if all of your target audience are here on LinkedIn right?

Well, that’s exactly it! Be where your people will be.

Typically if you’re B2B you’ll suit Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn (depending on your audience.

B2C businesses usually do well over on Instagram & Facebook.

Start off with just one, get used to it, then progress to more.

Posting Regularity

This seems to be a bit of a taboo topic… HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU POST?

Answer: Post when you have something to say!

If you’re worried what to post about then just remember, always go for quality over quantity.

Research shows it’s not the frequency that matters (as long as you’re not leaving it weeks between posts and always respond promptly to others), so don’t feel you have to post anything just so you’ve posted something.

Be relevant and be engaging.

Same goes when it comes to the best time to post.

Creating A Strategy That Works

What works best when it comes to creating a strategy? The answer lies within your end goal.

You almost have to reverse-engineer the whole process.

Here’s a few goals you might have:

  • Increased sales leads
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • More footfall through your door
  • A better customer relationship

Once you can identify your goal you then need to cater your content around it.

For example: If you want more website visits you should be adding a call to action which will lead to your website or create content around building an audience of people that you can eventually direct to your website when the timing is right.

Content Type

Now, for me video works best hands down.

ESPECIALLY on LinkedIn! The algorithms just seem to eat video up and spit it out across all of your network.

However, I do understand that video can be intimidating and it does require lots more thought ahead of the actual recording which is time consuming.

Remember that your priority should be the quality of what your message is saying to your audience. Sometimes a post with no image or video at all can work wonders.


Putting investing your time to one side, I’m talking about investing money into paid advertising.

Aside growing organically which you can do efficiently through LinkedIn and maybe with the exception of Twitter and Instagram you NEED to set a budget aside for boosting ads and creating sponsored campaigns.

How much is totally up to you but the more you put in the better.

I’d recommend investing small amounts but regularly until you find out what works best for you to give you the best return on your investment (ROI).

Finding Content

Something that stumps so many people, I’d massively recommend BuzzSumo.

Tell the search engine the category of content you’re looking for, and BuzzSumo returns a list of the most highly-shared articles from the past year, past month, past week, or more.

You can take the content and share it across your social media or re-mould and repurpose it for your own needs. Sneaky right?

What other questions do you have about social media marketing?

I’m always keen to hear back from you all!

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