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How To Use Hashtags

Chances are that you’ve used them on the major social media platforms but do you actually know how to use them?

In this short article, I’ll explain.

Find What’s Popular

Find a popular one that relates to your industry. This will give you maximum exposure to a targeted audience that is highly engaged. But remember to be as specific as possible.

Say, for example, your business sells baby products. Instead of using #parents—resulting in parents of children of all ages—opt for #newmom. #newmum is specific to mothers of newborns—your target customer.

Cater To Each Platform

While all social networks have the same fundamental purpose of content tagging and discovery, the use of these tools still varies by network.

Instagram uses them to be more focused on description of the content. This is at odds with Twitter, where the intended purpose is to be more focused on the topic of conversation, or a group of people (a chat for example) that you would like to engage.

Before using, do research on the proper way to use them for that particular network.

Keep It Relevant & Unbranded

Brand hashtags don’t have to mention your brand name, but should represent your brand and what you stand for.

Brand hashtags are also great for user-generated content campaigns and contests.

Lay’s Potato Chips used them for their “Do Us A Flavor” contest, which encourage people to pitch their best potato chip flavor ideas. With the goal to engage users and collect ideas, Lay’s launched a brand hashtag campaign using #DoUsAFlavor.

Branded hashtags will also encourage people to get creative!

You’re one step closer to being a pro.

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